Trapped: A slow burn crime thriller that’s worth a watch

Crime thrillers that keep us guessing for the entirety of serious are rare and unique.

Trapped, suggested by one of my friend is an excellent Scandinavian slow burn crime thriller that ticks all the boxes of an immersive and intriguing series. The screenplay is tightly knit with almost no loopholes and the story continues to reveal every now and then that keeps the audience guessing throughout the series.

I wasn’t aware of the type of the series nor the language. I guessed it to be English but it was Icelandic. The Iceland setup was totally new which initially took time to get used to but once the rapport is set, there’s no turning back. The characters, atmosphere, and language provided for an engrossing watch and it did make me browse a bit about the geographical information about the country. The constant mellow music is an added bonus in transcending the mood on the screen.

There were hardly any shortcomings in the series except for the predictability in the season finales. Other than that, as said before the Icelandic setup took time to get used to. Also the no. of characters assist in making the plot interesting yet it was hard at the beginning to keep track of them(couldn’t even pronounce their names properly).

~Irrespective of the minute shortcomings, the series is an amazing slow-burn thriller that’s worth the watch.

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