The Innocent: Intriguing thriller from the creator of invisible guest

A man’s life turns upside down when the past tries to hunt him down for his negligent mistake. The Innocent is an exhilarating series that has a racy screenplay that keeps you hooked from the start to the end.

The series was almost perfect in all aspects. In hindsight, the story looks a tad simpler yet the way the screenplay has been woven was brilliant. In particular, loved the narration part that comes at the start of each episode which was so absorbing and the plot reveals that keeps coming once in a while.

There wasn’t much to pick about in the series except for rare twists here and there which weren’t completely believable. Yet, the series has an amazing screenplay that helps you overlook the minor errors.

~Worth it. Highly recommended!

The Spanish series consisting 8 episodes with each spanning from 50–60 mins is available on Netflix.

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