Suicide Squad 2021 : Violent, Funny and Sizzling blockbuster entertainer

*Mild Spoilers Ahead*

A team of metapowered humans set out on a suicidal mission and their adventures in completing the mission forms the crux of the movie.

Since the first trailer was released, I had high hopes on the film.It seemed to have broken the usual DC stereotypes. Gladly, the movie stood up to my expectations and to an extent it even surpassed my hopes.

The plot looks generic to any superhero movie in Hollywood yet James Gunn's brilliant screenplay makes it stand out from the rest. The usual templated story was narrated in an unique with breathtaking sequences that kept me hooked to the screen.

Suicide Squad will be one of those movies that I wished never ended. The entertainment was lumpsome with emotional elements spread throughout the film which prevents it from becoming a mindless entertainer with no attachment towards.

Secondly, the dialogues were damn good that constantly kept me grinning. The BGM as well as the soundtracks used throughout perfectly fitted the mood, might even say elevated certain sequences.

One of the important aspect that made the film work for the majority was the characters and the perfect casting. I can't tell how many Harley Quinn's scenes just to see her eccentric reactions. Rat Catcher was a show stealer with non American English accent and a natural cuteness despite the tragic life owned many scenes to herself. Her relationship with Idris Elba was heartwarming. Speaking of which, Idris Elba couldn't have played the role of Blood sport to more perfection.

I can't think of much negatives about the movie. John Cena as peace maker felt misfit in my opinion. Neither could I take him seriously nor its convincing when he turns rogue in the latter part. Other than this, there's hardly any shortcomings in the movie.

In this pandemic, whenever a movie skips theatrical release, people feel it would make a great theatre watch. Suicide Squad didn't release in India however I really wished I could watch the movie in theatres.

~Must watch. Blockbuster entertainment that couldn't have been any better. Also, extra marks for that knocking down scene of Waller. Bitch needed that treatment.

P.S. - To all those who loved Harley Quinn and this movie, go watch Harley Quinn Animated series. Definitely you’ll love it.


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