Soul: A heartwarming movie that speaks to the inner self

I have tried watching movies from different genres and different languages over the years however if there’s one genre that I haven’t explored as much as I explored the others, it has to be animation movies. I have watched very few animation movies like frozen, frozen 2, and despicable me 2, etc which actually have turned to be the good ones. Soul joins the elite list of animation movies and it goes one step ahead and becomes the best of all the animation movies I ever watched.

Following the journey of Joe Gardner, a middle school band teacher with bigger dreams finds himself in a delicate position on the same day that he gets his big breakthrough. What happens to him and if he is able to get out of the “delicate position” forms the crux of the plot. The plot is pretty much simple however the screenplay is deep and it gets better with every scene that unfolds on the screen. The animation and graphic works are splendid and the idea behind some sequences just made me awe. The visuals were impressive that I really wished that I had watched them on the big screen.

The background music is another noteworthy aspect of the movie that requires appreciation. The music is adequate in a manner that the few silences do provide the insight that’s intended to. The humor works brilliantly while the subtle satire about our lives that’s sprinkled throughout the movie is another enjoyable thing about the movie.

The shortcomings are scarce. If I have to pick, the soul loses pace at places and we are tempted to look at our watches. Other than that, Soul is the perfect movie to sign-off a rather awful year of 2020 or welcome the supposedly great year 2021.

~Highly recommended!

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