Sex Education Season 3 : Another eventful season filled with heart and empathy

**Mild Spoilers Ahead**

Sex Education gave me a hangover for about 2 days when I completed watching them early last year. Such good it was with so much heart and empathy that made a mark of its own in the teen drama genre.

When the trailer for Season 3 dropped, I was sceptical over the writers wrecking the ship that's been sailing great for the past 2 seasons by overdoing. Luckily, Season 3 is another excellent season in the books that's as good as it can get.

The show continued to follow the tempo of the first two seasons, that is having a core Sex Education related plot while wrapping it with the relationship of the teens.

As the case of previous seasons, every episode is eventful with so many plotlines and almost every one of them are unique and interesting in the their own way.

Coming to characters, they all seemed to have evolved from what they were at the start and it was shown nicely. Otis trying out a new route, Eric's identity problem at home country, Fleshing out Ruby's personal background a bit more and Adam's attempt to improve himself, everything was well written. Unfortunately, Maeve's story line felt same old family issues that felt redundant. Guess, her screen time was lesser than what it was in the previous seasons.

Even then she still made a mark with her performance. She looks stunningly charming when she smiles and the portrayal of confusion in romantic life piling up over the never ending mom issues couldn't have been shown better.

I particularly liked Isaac's storyline. As much as it was annoying and frustrating to see him on screen, really liked how the writers didn't villainise him and showed his side of things for being a dick in the previous season. Even then I felt Maeve or Otis should have punched him for deleting the voice mail.

The plot as always dealt with too many teen problems that weren't preachy at all. The soundtracks that played really fitted the mood and the BGM work was marvelous too.

On downside, the season finale felt hurried up. Also, the penultimate episode had bigger moments than the final one. There are some logical hiccups here and there that can be quite irksome while watching. I personally felt the bittersweet ending was a downer which is actually fair to the plot and the characters.

Despite these, this season is a win for the writers with so many eventful happenings illustrated on screen while being nicely tied with heart and warmth of the characters and plotlines.

~Great watch.

P.S. 1: As much as I love this show, the writers must end it at the max by next season or the worst case 5th season to escape getting killed by the own sword.

P.S. 2: On ya face, Ruby FC. Maeve - 1 Ruby - 0.

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