Online Fights: The Big Picture and methods to master it

Social Media has evolved a million times from what it was a decade back yet if there’s one thing that has remained the same over the years, it is online fights. Over a trillion posts get posted across different social media in a day among which numerous of them have very serious arguments going on over the silliest of things. I call it ‘silly’ for the following reason. The fights that you engage in hardly make any difference in anyone’s life. Moron continues to be a moron and you are just more frustrated than before after getting into an online fight.

The Big Picture

Despite knowing this fact, I myself have gotten into a lot of online fights out of which some got very ugly real soon. The major reason being the ego and the need for complete validation. Humans are the most egoistic creatures who want to be proved once in a while that I am right and you are wrong. They also seek complete validation irrespective of knowing the fact that it’s impossible. We can try to be mature and ignore the needless arguments however the ego gets hurt sometimes and we get ourselves into needless arguments. So here are some tips and tricks on mastering the online fights:

1. Stay on point: While arguing make sure to stay on the topic. Arguments could arise that could derail the topic to irrelevant reasoning. Make sure you stay on the point.

2. Avoid cussing(at the most): When you start to cuss the opposite party, it shows that you are triggered which is a win for the opposite party. Also, cussing shows you are running out of points and hence you resorted to cussing the opposite party. I understand it’s very difficult not to cuss when the opposite party is a total moron but never refuge to cussing.

3. A big no to personal or family abuse: The very moment you start abusing the opposite party or his family, you have lost the argument. There can be a lot of instigating factors but family or personal abuse isn’t your solution. You lose your dignity the moment you start abusing the opposite party.

4. Reword the same argument: There can be times when you are weak at your arguments or have no answer to the question raised by the opposite party. In those moments, try rewording the same argument in a different manner. The opposition as well will reword his question. This time you could be able to answer the question and carry forward the argument. Try it out, it really works.

5. Never opt for ‘whataboutism’: This is in close relation to the first point. When you run out of arguments to make, we may tend to call for what about y while the actual discussion is on x. Don’t do that. It’s another sign that you don’t have suitable reply to make and getting weak. It may help you derail the topic but it’s of no use.

6. Assess the opposition: Social Media contains a large number of blind fanatics and stubborn weirdos who on no matter will accept the opposition’s point. Hence, before involving yourself, assess if the person has any probability of accepting your argument. Do not waste your time arguing with those that can never be convinced.

7. Respect and move on: When two parties continue to argue for longer time, its only logical to accept that neither of them can be convinced to what other says. Respect their opinion and move on.

While these can assist in having a dignified argument with the opposition, the best to win an online fight is to not involve in one. Different people have different opinions some of which can be right while some can be wrong, some can be changed while some can’t be changed.

Accept and move on.

Worth of an online fight

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