Nostalgic Trips 1: The Spike Hairstyle

James Carnival
2 min readNov 26, 2023

I couldn’t find the reasons but I have been going on nostalgic trips lately. Since it offers no value to the present than momentary bliss thinking of the past, I decided to write about it to make something out of it.

It was 2007 or 2008. I was in 5th or 6th standard. The spike hairstyle had come into fashion at that time. We boys were crazed about it. As the name suggests, the spikes hairstyle is styling our hair as spikes. As ordinary students, we used to look forward to our P.E.T. period. They used to be scheduled in pairs meaning we get to play for at least 60 off the 80 mins after P.E.T. sir gives lectures on discipline and punishes a few to show his “terror”. Usually, they are either two periods before lunch or two periods before the final bell. Rarely, do they come right after lunch. That’s when the fun happens.

The Mohawk Spike

After 40–50 boys kicking one ball around in the name of football or 20–30 play the game of cricket with the same guy getting to bowl the first over and first batting, ’cause he goes to cricket coaching, we used to be drenched in sweat. We go to the restrooms after the P.E.T. period to wash our faces and sit through the next two periods. As a result of having played, most of us used to be hyper. We would then pour water on our heads. Then, we try to shape the spike hairstyle with our hands. At times, certain over-enthusiastic guys pour a lot of water on the head that they would be soaking in it. We were interested in a long-centred spike(Mohawk Spike). We would be combing our hair with hands converging at the centre to spike our hair. Some of us were successful in it, but a majority(including yours faithfully) would be clowning ourselves to set the hairstyle.

There were two things that we didn’t know at that time. First, you need hair gel or wax to style and sustain the spike. Secondly, you need short hair to set the spike in the first place. We would be returning to class with the supposed spikes hairstyle and it would have bent in the next few minutes. The “naive” us would try to get the hair up again without the staff noticing.

Planning to do this as a series, hope all goes well.