Never Rarely Sometimes Always: Unflinching and realistic abortion drama

The story is about an underaged girl traveling from a small town to Newyork to get abortion who faces different obstacles in the due process.

About an year back, I wrote an article on freedom of dressing among women. It was received well and one of the readers asked me even to write a similar article on abortion. I had little to no knowledge on the topic then and I said I will try. Reminding this now because, this movie sheds enough light on abortion to get a basic understanding and proves the fact that it’s not simple as shown in several movies.

More than the process, it’s the emotions that the person undergoes is showcased very well. The movie is entirely filled with a mellow mood that is portrayed very well with the performance of neatly written characters that suit the environment and is aptly supported by the music. The lead actress hardly cries in the movie yet the emotions are transcended very well. On the downside, the protagonist faces obstacles yet she overcomes them without much fuss which makes the film flat at places and the movie has a slight documentary feel which might not suit everyone.

Decent watch, try it if you want to watch something different!

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