Midnight Musings: 10 hours for the final

James Carnival
2 min readNov 18, 2023

“Cricket is my religion. Sachin is my god". The very first cricket quote that I ever came across that sums up what cricket means to this country and also to me. I have had several bad days in my life but cricket has been such a great diversion for me from them. Cricket indeed is a religion in this country, the craze is insurmountable and it has been the address of the country. The ecstasy of India or my favourite team winning is unmatchable, the adrenaline rush cannot be put into words.

I have loved this sport for over 16 years now and I will continue to do so till my death. But, the adrenaline rush of seeing my team win the coveted trophy hasn't happened much and it's been 12 years. The yearning, desperation, hunger, dearth of the world cup is real and true. Before the tournament, as an aftermath of facing numerous disappointments over the past 10 years in winning the multi-nation tournament, my hopes were less and I wasn't really optimistic about the chances. But my team has been on a roll since the first game against the Aussies. They have been literally unstoppable. It all comes down today in about 10 hours. With their unbeaten run so far, my hopes have risen exponentially on this team. I have already contemplated ways to cope if in case things go sideways and I haven't found any valid solution.

One could argue and I as well realise Cricket afterall is a sport. But, it has become so much more, especially in the past 45 days. The hope that this team will end the drought has become real. Even though, I try to level myself with both outcomes, it's impossible. As Eminem goes in Lose yourself, "Success is my only motherfuckin' option, failure is not". It is actually laughable to relate a simple sport with such powerful line particularly when I am not the one playing, but it's what it is.

The culmination of the toxic love I have with this sport is today. I don't know if I will give up on the sport(most likely not) or go into hiding or be shouting and screaming in joy in another 20 hours. Hopefully, I'll be shouting my lungs out with my hands reddened over the clapping and the throat pains with all the screaming I do in delight!

Signing off with my favourite quote that I carry forever, "Remember red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies".