Mare of Easttown: Kate Winslet holds forte in this engrossing crime drama

A police officer who investigates a murder in a small Pennsylvania town unravels numerous mysteries that could turn the lives of the one she holds close upside down.

There has been a constant buzz about the show since it started premiering. To stand up to the hype, the show is a brilliantly tailored crime drama that gets you immersed with the characters in the little town. Kate Winslet as the lead protagonist Mare Sheehan was fantastic throughout the show. She portrayed the character to the utmost perfection. I never knew she was a British native until I read her wiki despite which she literally looked like a Delaware resident. The character’s life is falling apart and above all that she has a murder to solve. Kate Winslet's depiction was as good as it can get who as well held the show together with her stunning screen presence among the umpteen characters.

Another major standout thing about the show was its characters played by an ensemble cast. There are so many of them and they have their own subplots that may or may not be linked to the murder. Surprisingly, every one of them leaves a remark. Over time as the show proceeds, the guessing game gets intense with ample characters and subplots adding the ‘absorbing’ tag to the series. The grounded and realistic portrayal of people and their lives was another impressive thing which is backed by an immersive setting that couldn’t have been better. Besides, the show touches upon many topics such as grief, custody fight, suicide, drug usage, lesbian love and the list goes on. These topics are embarked upon by the characters that contribute for the emotional quotient of the series.

On the downside, the final revelation was sure a surprise and unexpected yet it isn’t as mindblowing as it’s touted to be. Other than this little thing, there isn’t anything to pick on this splendid series that’s definitely worth the time.


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