Manchester by the sea: A must watch emotional drama

An emotional drama of a man who has to confront his gory past while setting up a life for the teen who just lost his father. The movie has a horrific tragedy that is heart-wrenching whilst it goes a stage above and punches you in your gut by making the protagonist speak through the incident. There was hardly any disturbing visuals yet the agony it inflicts upon you is unimaginable.

I didn’t/couldn’t cry yet there was a constant discomfort in me while watching the protagonist’s struggle on screen who can neither correct his mistake nor move on. Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler was terrific with constant remorse on his face yet trying to be his best self. The music and the environment truly invigorated the emotions which were splendidly carried forward by the characters that suit the atmosphere.

It’s been a while since any movie actually had an effect on me. This one did affect the realistic characters and an amazing screenplay. Really want to put out more about the movie but am running out of words to express the feeling. Maybe another time.

~Highly recommended.

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