Kim and Saul : An unique relationship goals to live by

*Mild Spoilers Ahead*

Been wanting to write about this for a while and I have finally got time. Relationship between the characters is an important thing that makes us root for them and feel for them, be it any genre. I have watched quite a few TV shows and movies to figure out how a particular relationship in a show will transform. However, I came across this unique relationship between the lead actors that felt fresh and new.

Kim Wexler and Saul Goodman's relationship from Better Call Saul was the unique relationship that I'm talking about. I completed watching the show a few days back yet the characters and relationships between the actors have continued to stay with me. Let me explain how different from those usually are.

There's a certain thing in relationships called "Show don't say". Don't say but show how much the person means to you. Most of the shows and series keeps on rambling dialogues on how much each other mean to other but BCS relationship was about actions than talk. You hardly ever feel the romance between the lead actors but it's implicitly present. Be it when Kim faces with accident or Saul has been sued by his own brother, it's each other who stay for each other when nobody is. They believe in each other and the way the care for each other is shown was so good.

The next thing is boundaries. Boundaries are an important aspect of any relationship. You can't be too involved in your partner's relationship. Often show writers overlook this thing and to show the "care", they cross the boundaries. BCS however delicately handles this with smidge of romance that sure makes us grin. Let me explain a scene, Kim faces an accident and can't eat freely. She tries to eat on her own but it's difficult. Saul watching from other end is about to feed her. However, Kim stops him and says "I'm not gonna let you feed me". It felt new and different while watching.

Another thing I found it good in the relationship was the portrayal of the fact that when a person wants to stay, he will and when a person wants to leave, he will Irrespective of whatever you do. Around 4t season, the couple hit a snag. There's indifferences and there's obvious friction between the two. Any other show would have sought out for Breakup in a cliche manner. But, leaving a person in real life ain't that easy. We try everything to sustain the relationship. The same happens in the show. The indifferences blows into a fight and they confront each other yet they don't leave.

Final thing was rather weird for me than unique to be honest. It's the way they communicate. They hardly communicate however they seem to have understood each other thoroughly. Though romantic and showcased the understanding between the two, this was a bit weird for me as I believe any good relationship needs a good communication to sustain.

On irrelevant note, the show was incredibly amazing. Set in the same environment of breaking Bad, show got almost everything right. Character development, screenplay, story arcs and etc were to the perfection in the series. Worth the watch!


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