Karnan: A must watch tale on oppression

Karnan has been watched. There’s no equivalence to the talent of Dhanush’s acting at the moment. Eases out such an amazing performance that leaves a lasting mark.

Mari Selvaraj is a gem to be procured safely. The intensity in Karnan is multifold than PP. If PP is his anger, Karnan is his outrage. Might feel like exaggeration but there’s no word to describe about how the story has been told.

While the works of Mari and Dhanush are very much visible, SaNa is the silent hero of Karnan who uplifts the movie with his magnificent work. Vutradheenga Eppov wasn’t a misfit as expected to be. Excellent work.

Among the co-stars, loved the characters of Lal and Yogi Babu. Lal’s performance will be talked about more in the coming days. Unlike the usual sidekick comedian that Yogi Babu is stereotyped to be, Karnan exposes a different Yogi Babu on the screen

Among the female actors, Rajisha Vijayan, Gauri Kishan, the actress who acted as sister and a paati ma make an impactful performance.

Decoders will have to do overtime as there are numerous Kuriyeedu in the movie.

In overall, Karnan is a milestone and a must watch movie that is sure to leave a lasting impact. Not for the weak hearted.

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