I don’t want the night to end

James Carnival
1 min readSep 21, 2023

I don’t want the night to end. Nobody notices me when I walk on the empty roads. I feel invisible under the moonlight. The empty streets are serene and the silence cannot be more calm. I feel safe and brave at night. It feels like a million opportunities to do a billion things in the available 8 hours.

I'm wide awake with umpteen thoughts that go crazy in my mind. They keep buzzing like the telephones at a busy call centre. Some are good, some are bad but I am most alive which is what matters. I go for a walk in the night once in a while. The pessimistic mind fears for the unfortunate to happen but the beautiful night that is muted from all the drama and noise feels really worth it all. The city is the most pleasant when it's not running but when it's resting and it's only during the night.

Humans are the emotional animals. There's no stopping of it from birth to death. The tranquility of it all happens only in night, when we pause them. Take a break from the dynamism called life that keeps changing every next second. Good Night!