Harley Quinn: Violently delightful and stunningly entertaining

Harley Quinn breaks up with Joker after realising that he doesn’t love her and starts to tread her own path which forms the crux of the series. While the first season deals with her growth as a super villain, the second season focuses about the relationship of Harley Quinn with Poison Ivy.

I am usually not into animated cartoon series and I have just watched Ricky and Morty so far in that genre due to the unanimous positive review it got. Likewise, the positive reviews and Kaley Cuoco’s dubbing for Harley Quinn interested me into the series as something fun to watch during lunch or before going to sleep. Standing up to the hype, the series was violently delightful with every single department coming together to provide an amazing blast of an entertainment.

The major high point about the series was its writing which was excellent throughout the series. The screenplay is written brilliantly that the 22 minutes an episode runs is not even noticable. Be it the emotions or plotlines, they are written with care without taking the audience for granted. Harley Quinn's as unable to move on from joker, messy, wannabe evil, frenetically hyper and gutsy yet tactical at the same time portrayal of the character couldn't have been any better.

Besides the Quinn, Gordon, Joker and Batman character, I wasn’t familiar with much of the secondary or lesser important characters like Clayface or King Shark . Despite the fact, the writing is so good that the characters are given their own space and as a result of which the characters slowly grow on to us.

Another important positive about the series was it's dark humour and the satire. Being an R-Rated series, the show takes it full freedom in exhibiting the dark humour to its fullest potential. The satirical quips spilled throughout the series added more fun to the viewing.

Besides the fun part, the show does take certain things seriously. The queer love story that is shown with sincerity, the female friendship in the male dominated world and the importance provided to secondary characters like Batgirl and Dr. Psycho.

On the downside, it takes an episode or two get used to its format of humour. The superheroes are made dummy which might irk the die hard fans of those superheroes. The moral compass of Harley Quinn is never known completely as she keeps on oscillating between good and bad. Though the writers attribute it to the "confusing" character she is and give a closure at the season 2 finale, it’s still a shortcoming as her actions seems unreasonable at times.

Despite these little negatives, the series is highly recommended for its uproarious humour and the entertainment it provides with the perfect blend of emotion and actions thus guaranteeing a fantastic watch.

~Must watch for DC fans, Highly recommended for everyone else.

Two seasons have been released so far with 13 episode each. The show has been renewed for third season.

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