From jaws of defeat to Unbelievable victory: Thoughts on Remarkable Lords victory

Don’t know where to start. This was too good of a comeback to believe that we bundled out the Brits in 50 overs and won the game.

From being at the jaws of defeat when the day started, things became gloomy when Pant fell very soon. Yet this is a modern Indian team, we don’t bow down so easily. Kohli’s team doesn’t give up whatsoever. Bumrah and Shami batted brilliantly. The poms wanted payback for Bumrah over the other day yet Bumrah and Shami was sensible to not take it to head.

They were so impressive. Not some random swings that fetched us boundaries but proper batting strokes and extended the lead as much as they can. Hell, we even declared fearing lack of time to bowl out poms. That’s a minor point yet a proud moment to be from where we started.

Still, Draw was the most probable result with Root being in the form of his life. Still, this Indian team shall fight until the very last ball and we did. An amazing first spell from Bumrah and Shami to put the poms in backfoot.

When Root fell, chances brightened. However, Butler’s adamancy was soul-sucking. I feared he might pull an ABD against us. Siraj had other ideas. Man, he was breathing fire. The Robinson-Butler partnership was frustrating as fuck.

The pitch had nothing more to offer or the overcast conditions to support. That’s when Bumrah’s brilliant slower ball to deceive Robinson dismissed him and it was just a matter of time before Siraj cleaned up.

Unfucking believable victory this is. Truly one of the greatest victories overseas. Ending my writeup stating the fact that this is undoubtedly the golden era of Indian test cricket.


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