Exploring Koo application

Koo application has been creating some noise since yesterday. There has been alarming news circulating that Koo is expected to replace the Twitter application and consequently Twitter will be banned in India. So here’s my attempt at exploring what Koo actually offers.

  1. Koo limit is 400(that’s what they call it there), 120 greater than Twitter.

2. The retweet is termed as ‘Rekoo’. I couldn't control my laughter when I learned it first.

3. The UI is the yellow theme. Wonder why they didn’t go for orange, maybe ’cause of blatancy which it already is.

4. Koo allows for live voice tweeting(kooing) and video tweets. Both have a limit of 1 minute. Not that I would tweet but been waiting for the voice tweet feature on Twitter which is only released for iPhone users.

5. Search is awful in Koo. It’s probably worse than prime video search. The latter would atleast he throws out some rubbish results.

6. You will need to go to your profile to Koo or tweet. There’s no button present on the home page.

7. There’s this little feature for tracking the followers and ‘Koo’ count with charts, quite good.

8. Koo has numerous languages which can be a real puller to bring in the majority I suppose. Impressive that they think of implementing languages like Assamese, Konkani, and Kashmiri.

9. The privacy policy seems to be fine and similar to any other application but I seriously doubt if that will actually be the case. You can find the privacy policy here.

10. Moving on, koo has 5 tabs in its home as opposed to 4 tabs in Twitter. Koos, Trending, Search, Messages, and Notifications are the 5. I seriously don’t see the need to have 5 different tabs while they can actually be clubbed together to make it 3.

These are the trending hashtags in #kooapp which clearly gives a reason why they mustn’t replace Twitter.

On a concluding note, Koo is a total ripoff of twitter. Being said that, I really liked certain additions they have made like follower/Koo count data tracking. Even then, It’s impossible to accept Koo because of the reason they actually came into existence. On a technical note, it’s another average app trying to replace Twitter. Don’t think Koo app will be widely accepted as Twitter and it will go down as just another failed attempt just like the elephant application(mastodon, I guess) that tried the same and sank without trace. These repeated attempts to replace Twitter reminds me of this Joey quote from friends

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