Crazy Stupid Love: Perfect recipe for a feel good romcom

There are some movies that you could watch leisurely without much to worry about and spend 2 hours involving into the lives of the character. Crazy, Stupid, Love is one such flick that has all the criteria ticked to become the “feel good” movie as movie buffs would term it.

I didn’t have this in watchlist untill last week and I came across a twitter convo about how the movie is satisfying and fun to watch. The hype really intrigued me to watch it ignoring other movies. I expected it to be a single romantic story about the lead pairs, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. But what it offered me was much better.

It involves 4 different couples of different age group who muddle through their relationship and try to make it work at any cost. The intertwining between the lead characters is the main highlight of the movie that makes it more fun and enjoyable. I usually Google before watching a movie to see the ratings and lead actors and I noticed Ryan Gosling and Emma stone. But I was pleasantly surprised to see Steve Carell as one of the leads. He was as amazing as Cal Weaver and infact has more screen time than Ryan Gosling and Emma stone(Attention: Office fans). Having said that, the other casting sits right and it couldn’t have been perfect.

The different perspective of love, the chaos on revelations of feeling to the loved ones are little things that was done neatly. On the downside, the movie is patchy in the first hour as I checked the runtime more often than not and certain sequences are cheesy that could have been avoided. Yet, the movie in the second hour was almost a riot and despite the climax being a cliche, it gave a satisfying feel as the movie ended.

The movie ain’t perfect but it was as enjoyable as it can get. Try it if you are looking for some light hearted feel good movie to watch.

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